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After school activities promotes cooperation, support and respect. This can help kids feel more secure about joining a game or starting a conversation. Some after school activities can help kids find new interests academically. Participation in afterschool programs is influencing academic performance including better attitudes toward school and higher educational aspirations.

It is a great thing when there is a powerful impact of supporting a range of positive learning outcomes, including academic achievement, by affording children and youth opportunities to practice new skills through hands-on, experiential learning in project-based after school activities. Staff that are involved with after school activities can also give feedback to help kids improve their social skills.

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  Science Olympiads
Michelle Coolican
 Yearbook Club
 Annette Jones
 Student Government Association
Shalynn Johnson 
 Erica Scudder
 Community Problem Solvers
 Erica Scudder 

Suzanne Stone
Eagle Art Lounge
Erin Weed
 Future Farmers of America
 Rd Davis
 E.O.G. (Empowering Our Girls): F.I.T. GIRLS Chapter

Kelley Barrigar
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