BTMS Guidance Mission Statement

In conjunction with the school's mission statement, the vision of the guidance department is to provide all students with the opportunities to acquire the academic, personal, social and career skills essential to successfully transition to high school and to become responsible and respectful members of the community.

Counselor’s Role

The primary role of the middle school guidance counselor is to be a student’s advocate during the critical years of early adolescence. Middle school students struggle daily with the desire to be independent and the need for parental security. 

Students seek a counselor’s assistance with all types of questions or concerns. Academics, work habits, self esteem, assertiveness, harassment and friendships are common issues of middle school students.

Counselors meet with students to encourage them and assist them academically, emotionally, and socially.

Counselors are part of a team including parents, teachers, administrators, and specialists. This team is responsible for guiding each student’s development through the middle school years and closely monitoring their academic progress.

BTMS Counselors

 William Parks - 7th grade counselor
Carolyn Bianco - 8
th grade counselor

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