At Buddy Taylor Middle School, we strive to prepare our students for careers of the 21st century.  We accomplish this by providing students with opportunities to work collaboratively and to have academic experiences that require both innovation and communication. 

Our Flagship program focuses in the areas of Agronomy, Biotechnology, and Engineering:

Agronomy is the use of plants and soil to produce healthier foods, extract energy from plant life, and manage the impact of agriculture on the earth.  

Biotechnology is combining technology with living systems to create new processes or products that help to improve our lives or the health of the planet. 

Engineering is the process by which products are developed, tested, modified, and improved over time. 

Collectively, these programs allow students to become environmental stewards who can think and work in creative ways to solve problems and effectively communicate their solutions to others. 


BTMS Flagship in the News!

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